We want you to feel like you are our only client.

Contingency Fees: As low as 25% for injury cases*

The worst time to look for an attorney is when you need one. You're likely scared, overwhelmed, or anxious. Whether it's a domestic dispute, a business issue, or a criminal matter, you need someone you can trust, who not only has a deep knowledge of South Carolina law, but who understands you, and your unique situation. You don't need a lawyer, you need real legal counsel someone who has your best interests in mind.

Greenville's Concierge law firm:
It's all about you

Every client, every case, every situation is unique. You don't need an attorney who is fixated on dollar signs or a large "mega-firm" that doesn't even remember your name - or who prioritizes you in terms of the law firm's ROI. You are not typical, and we're not your typical lawyers. Our approach is different. Much like the general family doctor from years ago - who knew you personally and understood the dynamics of your family and life - We want to serve you as a true counselors. You deserve attorneys who will work hard to represent you and protect your interests.

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury*
  • Business Law
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Custody
  • Appeals
  • Workers' Comp
  • Business & Civil Litigation
*Fee Information for Injury Cases 

*Unlike attorneys who charge a flat fee of up to 40% for injury cases, our fee structure for injury cases is much lower, between 25%-35%. For most personal injury cases, including automobile accidents, our fee depends upon whether the case settles or goes to trial and, if it settles, at what stage. In other words, if a case settles prior to any lawsuit being filed, our fee is 25% of the gross recovery plus costs associated with the case. If we do not settle before a Complaint is filed with the court, our fee is 30% of the gross recovery plus costs if the case settles at any time prior to the completion of mediation. If the case does not settle before or as a result of mediation, our fee is 35% of the gross recovery plus costs. The reason for the graduated fee schedule is because each milestone increases the time and resources necessary to prepare the case in an effort to achieve the result desired by the client.

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"As law firms get bigger and more specialized, attorneys in those firms may become less personal. At times, it may seem they place their firm's interests above yours. Not our firm. Our goal is to place our clients' needs first."

Attorney David A. Wilson

"Knowing when to fight and when not to might be the most important thing we can offer our clients. Our 50-plus years of experience in trying and resolving disputes allows us to counsel our clients intelligently when it comes time to make that decision."

Attorney Eric K. Englebardt